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Stainton International

Stainton International is an entrepreneurial joint-venture property investment and pro-active asset management company with over 30 years’ experience in sourcing, acquiring and asset managing properties and unlocking latent value through hands-on pro-active management.

 Acting as a UK & European platform for investors, Stainton has sourced and acquired over 100 properties (all with management-added value potential) individually and in portfolios. Usually under-priced and often sourced off-market through its extensive regional contacts, expertise and reputation in the markets, and with circa £500 million acquired and managed in recent years, we have constantly achieved outstanding returns for our joint ventures, typically returning post tax  / post promote Equity IRRs of 18-30%.

We are not a discretionary fund - we are relationship-driven Joint Venture partners, with assets being acquired in individual SPVs. We align our interests by investing alongside our investors. We typically target 1-5 year deals with IRR promote incentives to maintain "velocity of capital" and look to achieve exit as soon as the value has been added.

We typically target regional assets and estates, in and around the major conurbations, well located and with potential of intensive asset management, re-positioning, alternative uses and further development as and if achievable.

We are a "one-stop" solution for funds, family offices, charities and HNWI investors - we source the assets, prepare detailed business plans for each asset, source debt as required, and oversee all aspects of the acquisition, the implementation of the asset and property management and reporting, through to the onward sale.


Chief executive officer

Hugo Jackson

Hugo is a Real Estate Asset Manager with extensive experience in identifying and sourcing opportunities and proactively managing real estate assets across Europe. Hugo specialises in both single asset and portfolio acquisitions where his financial engineering, property management skills and flexibility ensure transactions are successfully completed for all parties. 

Hugo started his career in residential estate and farm sales before moving into private development and investment. Following a stint in Brussels managing a £350 million commercial portfolio for SPP/ London & Edinburgh Trust, Hugo was appointed Managing Director of the London office of Greenwich Group International, where he specialised in leisure related sealed bid sales across Western Europe and UK commercial joint ventures with US funds

In 1998 Hugo founded Stainton International Limited and has to date acquired over £450 million in Joint Ventures.



  • 1999 Acquired and managed £40m commercial UK portfolio in JV with Lehman Brothers & Highcross (20 properties) 

  • 2001 Acquired and managed £13m office in Aberdeen – in JV with Lehman Brothers - sold for £23m

  • 2003 Acquired and managed £53.5m commercial UK portfolio in JV with Lehman Brothers (26 properties)

  • 2005 Acquired and managed £20.6m office in Aberdeen – in JV with HBoS & MS - sold for £24m eighteen months later

  • 2008 Set up €750million Continental European JV with HBoS

  • 2009 Acquired €6million office in Belgium 

  • 2010 Advised Swiss / German fund on £38m acquisition in Leeds

  • 2011 Acquired and managed £18.5m mixed use island site in Nottingham City Centre in JV with Kuwaiti Pension fund 

  • 2012 Acquired £18 million office in Aberdeen for BA Pension Fund

  • 2012 Under-bidders to Varde Partners Europe Limited (VPEL) on Ruby Portfolio in JV with RevCap

  • 2013 Acquired £9.25million office in Aberdeen for Fore Partners

  • 2013 New JV set up with Värde Partners

  • 2013 Acquired off market £17m industrial unit in JV with Värde Partners - sold in 2015 for £28.757m

  • 2013 Analysed and bid on 3 large c £60m industrial commercial / portfolios with VPEL

  • 2014 Acquired and managing £64m 28 property industrial portfolio (Sapphire) from RBS West Register in JV with Värde Partners

  • 2014 Sold Chapel Quarter Nottingham for £25.55m to BA Pension Fund (acquired for £18m in 2011)

  • 2015 Sold Gillette Way Reading industrial unit for £28.757m (acquired in 2011 for £17m) 

  • 2015 Acquired and managing £6.835m office building at Global Reach in Cardiff in JV with Värde Partners 

  • 2015 Sold £56m of property ahead of business plan targets

  • 2016 Bid in JV with KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) on £50m office building in Liverpool out of administration

  • 2016 Bid on £200m 20-property Rio Portfolio out of Blackrock in JV with KKR

  • 2016 Bid on c. £40m Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, also in JV with KKR

  • 2016 Sold 11 regional industrial estates all in excess of Target

  • 2017 Bid on £15m multi-let management intensive industrial estate in Cheltenham with Benson Elliott Capital Management

  • 2017 Underbidder on £20m 200,000 sqft Cold-store in Chepstow with Benson Elliott Capital Management 

  • 2017 Sold 8 Industrial assets all ahead of Target 

  • 2018 Bid with Benson Elliott on £132m 20 industrial unit Magnus Portfolio 

  • 2018 Bid on £150m multi-let industrial estate portfolio in joint venture with KKR

  • 2018 Acquired 13 property £25m mixed portfolio with Pears Property Group