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Stainton International is a specialist real estate investment and asset management company


About Stainton International

Stainton International is a specialist joint-venture property investment and asset management company with over 30 years’ experience in sourcing, acquiring and asset managing properties that match the investment and return criteria of property companies, funds, private family offices and individual investors.

Acting as a UK & European platform for investors, Stainton uses its extensive contacts and reputation in the markets to source property investment opportunities with management-added value potential and with investment return profiles that match Investor’s pre-agreed parameters and timings.




84 Brook Street, Mayfair,
London W1K 5EH

+44 (0)20 3011 3057

Areas of Expertise

Asset Management

Stainton will identify and manage out any lateral-thinking asset management opportunities that will enhance existing value and release latent / inherent value. The asset and property management responsibility lies with Stainton.

Property Management

All property management and accountancy requirements for each specific JV under management (typically CBRE) are sub-contracted directly to Stainton as Asset Manager.


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